ready For some consistency?

I'll help you design an automated sales funnel,
so you can finally scale your business with confidence

Imagine what it would be like to have a predictable, automated sales funnel... 

No more pandering to bad-fit clients...

Finally gaining the confidence you need to invest in staff and paid ads...

Convincing customers to pay higher rates, so you can serve them even better and create real transformations...

Armed with just one predictable funnel, you can:

  • Quit your job
  • Scale up with paid traffic
  • And build a list of customers you can sell to again and again

But you knew all that, right? 

If you're like most business owners, you've been trying to build your own sales funnel for awhile, only to find that it's a harder than it sounds. 

Maybe you've purchased books or courses in the past, trying to unlock the right combination of Market, Offer, and Content.

You see the big picture, but all the little details, nuances, and forks in the road offer the greater challenge:

"Should I use webinars or a 3-part video series?"

"What do I actually say in my content?" 

"Should I write blog posts, produce videos, or record podcasts?"

"Do I really need to be on social media every day to build a business?" 

That's perfectly normal! Nobody was born with a high "sales funnel IQ." 

If you want to build a sales funnel you can entrust your business to, then you either need experience or patience. 

If you want to go the guess-and-check route, then I'll continue sharing everthing I can in my free content to help you figure it out... 

But if you're ready to stop guessing and create your funnel the right way the first time, then I'm here to help. 

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Make your business more predictable and scale up with confidence


Built The Right Way, The First Time

Building a business around your personal brand isn't as transactional as selling a consumer product.

There's more to it than creating desire or solving a painful problem. Because when the business is about you, YOU are what you're selling first. 

When you work with me, I'll help you design a funnel that puts your unique superpowers on full display.

With an extensive background in blogging, video, and podcasting, I can design a sales strategy around your strengths, not just mine. 

From there, it's "simply" a matter of aligning your offer with the needs and desires of your audience. That's where the real magic (and work) happens. 

I'm Marcus Krieg and I help people build businesses around their passion, personality, and expertise

While Authority Unleashed is a relatively new business, I've been building and optimizing funnels full-time for over 5 years. 

As the Director of Strategy at WireBuzz, a digital marketing agency that specializes in video, I've led the strategy on projects for clients such as 23andMe, Home Depot, and the American Red Cross. 

I've written hundreds of video scripts, both for branding and direct response. I've designed dozens of end-to-end sales funnels for clients, ranging from Fortune 100s to motivational speakers and coaches. 

I also have a background in public speaking, copywriting, advertising, and sales. So no matter how you've built your business, I can help you take it to the next level!


The Secret to Selling Without Being Salesy

Want my top 2 tips for sleaze-free selling?

Only sell to people who've expressed interest in advance. Then, make the sales experience enjoyable.

In other words...create demand for your offer before you sell it.

What does your audience need to believe for your offer to be a no-brainer?

Address those issues before you ask them to enroll in your sales sequence! (Webinar, Mini-Course, Ebook, etc.)

From there, it's just a matter of building value and eliminating reasons to say "no."

The Big Idea: Creating Effective Sales Funnels Is About Process

Cutting corners takes too much time. You've gotta have a repeatable process and methodology to generate consistent results. And isn't that the whole point of designing your funnel? 

So here's how we'll get it done the right way the first time.

Step #1: Plan

Design a custom growth plan based on your strengths, weaknesses & goals

Step #2: Research

Research your customers & competitors to design a content strategy for your funnel 

Step #3: Create

Produce the content & set up the automation sequences to create a clear path to purchase

Step #4: Test

Test the funnel with a surge of traffic to collect data & identify areas for improvement

Step #5: Optimize

Optimize & improve the funnel until your value per lead (VPL) is higher than cost per lead (CPL)

Step #6: Scale

Scale up using ads and/or 
affiliate selling to create a perpetual traffic system


Sell While You Sleep (Without The Sleaze) 

Most funnel consultants still rely on aggressive tactics: yellow highlights, arrows, fear-based messaging, and sleazy persuasion triggers. 

If you're anything like me, you're not interested in all that. You just want to design a sales experience your customers will enjoy and discuss with their friends.

I'll help you tell great stories, clarify your message, and persuade through education. We'll prove to your customers that you can deliver results, before they even see your sales message. 

It's just like the movie "Inception." You need your audience to have the epiphany on their own. The moment you start to sell, people put up their gloves.

By leading them towards making a decision on their own, you'll encounter far less resistance and help far more people.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will this take?

The entire process typically takes a few months. Some of the factors that affect the timelines include: the complexity of your offer, the size of your email list, how much time you have to invest, and whether you have a budget to test with paid traffic. 

When can I see results?

You'll start to see positive results far before we officially launch your funnel. That's because along the way, I'll be helping you refine and clarify your brand message, tell better stories, and improve your positioning in the market. Of course, you won't feel the full impact until after your funnel is up and running. 

Will this help someone like me?

I'm not interested in wasting your time, or mine. I only work with people who are building Authority businesses around their passion, personality, and expertise. I also have an application process to ensure we're a great fit for one another. 

What if I want a refund?

I don't offer refunds, because I only get paid when you do! This limits your risk and puts the pressure on me to deliver results. 

Partner with me on your next funnel

Many funnel consultants charge fixed prices, which creates an incentive to rush to the finish line (and cut corners). 

Still others will charge you hourly, which creates an incentive to slow down. 

See the problem? Someone inevitably loses...

Not with me, though!

I won't try to squeeze your project into a predefined box. I'll invest as much time as needed to ensure your project is done properly. 

Then at the end, we split the profits and you get to walk away with an optimized funnel and growth roadmap. 

No risk. Zero up-front investment! 


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